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Thank you for taking the time to look into this opportunity. My strong hope is that you are quickly captivated by the huge potential it offers, and that you make early contact with our advisors at Cadence Partners.

We set up Social Finance in 2007 to combine social and financial insight in ways which would help make a difference to enduring problems. It’s a mission that we have been delighted to see expand over subsequent years; today, we work not only in the UK but on a global canvas, and our areas of expertise have grown to encompass a rich and varied range of issues. I’m delighted by all that we have learned, shared and achieved in the past decade and more, but there’s so much more to do: there remain too many examples of outcome inequity, poor design, or flawed concept, and so the work continues.

If you’re the kind of person who regularly asks “How can we improve…?”, this role is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It will place the successful candidate at the heart of a dynamic and expert team and invite you to improve people’s lives. You’ll be a visible exemplar of active listening, reflecting and thinking, able to work with others to build a better future for people in every kind of need.

I’m probably going to be slightly envious of whoever gets this job, but I very much look forward to meeting you.

Toby Eccles
Yours sincerely,
Toby Eccles
Development Director, Social Finance